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Monday, September 04, 2006

Streetside scamming

A couple of days ago, I was walking to Malahide. Suddenly, a white van stopped close to me, and a young man asked me: "Hey there, let's see if I can make you happy. Wanna buy a laptop computer? It's just 300 Euros!" Since I was kind of surprised — and wasn't carrying that much money in my wallet — I rejected the offer.

The next day, I was just again walking towards my home, another car stopped right beside me. This time, a fat guy sitting in a dirty red '96 Toyota yelled at me: "Hey! Wanna buy a laptop computer? Just 300 Euros!" I, again, rejected and went on.

When I told my trainer at Hertz about the story, she was immediately upset: "You know, this is a well-known scam. They normally take you to the nearest ATM — since no one carries that much money around —, and while you get the money, they replace the laptop by, say, four boxes of milk. So all you get is a nicely printed box, containing four litres of milk."

Sometimes I am quite happy being such a poor boy...:o)


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